In order to explain the origin of " Conservas Leonardo" I would first have to talk about our founfer, my father,

Miguel A. Leonardo García.

The Beginning Est. 1952

My grandfather, manager and director of a canning company, was the main person who promoted this work, which entails great sacrifice and passion. His sudden death made of my father a young man with great concerns and a premature desire to progress and get ahead, which at his young age and at the time I am sure was not easy, although it was probably an exciting and powerfully attractive challenge. 

This significant period set the tone for the company, which originated in a modest factory founded in 1952 by Miguel A. Leonardo Garcia, in Laredo, a traditional fishing village by the Cantabrian sea.

leonardo Da Vici Cocinero
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The Present

7000 m2 to maintain our essence 

Years have gone by and our essential idea to improve our products day by day is still intact and as pure as the first day. Aware that we must meet the needs and enable the growth of our clients and consumers, we came up with a new project: Construction of a new 7,000 square metres dedicated to preserving our essence.

With the support of the whole family, the main pillar of this project, we evolved and became what we are today, a company with highly qualified employees, faithful to the original manufacturing and processing formulas for all of our products. We use the most advanced and modern machines in the industry and apply strict quality control and assurance systems. We are greatly satisfied but also have a commitment to keep improving in order to offer, both to national and international markets, maximum quality products: Leonardo Products.


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